Pet Odors and Stains

We all love our pets.  But he hate when they make messes.  If your pet has an accident on your carpet you want clean it up as soon as possible.  Then spray a spot cleaner or pet satin remover on the soiled area.  Let it sit for 5-10 minutes so it has time to eat away at the smell and stain.  We suggest Folex as a spot remover and we like Woolite’s pet stain remover.  Both can be found at Target or Home Depot.  If that doesn’t do the trick then I suggest you all Ace Carpet Cleaning.  We have had great success at not only removing pet stains but eliminating any foul odor as well.  And when you call us please tell to us that you have pet stain and that there is an odor.  We can add odor eliminator to our solution at no extra charge.  This odor eater has enzymes that kill any bacteria that maybe causing a foil odor and adds a pleasant scent as well.  So when your pets make a mess your carpets call Ace Carpet Cleaning and we will remove and eliminate the bad odor!

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