Keep Your Carpet Clean & Your Family Healthy


Carpet is a great flooring option for the home; it adds warmth, comfort and style. However, carpet also makes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mites, mold spores and dirt in general which can be harmful to your family’s health and quickly make a new carpet look old and dingy. It is important to regularly maintain your carpet in order to keep it clean and safe for you and your family. Here is a quick list of the best things you can do:

• Don’t wear shoes in the house! Would you walk around barefoot outside on the street? Probably not, because who knows what kind of nasty stuff is out there. But when you think about it, if you walk around in shoes outside and then bring those shoes in your home, you are tracking in a wide array of dirt, oil and bacteria. What’s even worse is if you walk on carpet and those bacteria are able to make a home in the carpet fibers where you, your children and pets play and live. This is easily avoidable by just not wearing shoes in the house. Politely ask guests to remove their shoes when visiting as well and you can significantly reduce a large amount of dirt from every stepping foot in your home.

• Avoid eating on/over carpeted floors. If your dining room is carpeted, protect it with a vinyl or plastic covering. Food crumbs and spills that you may or may not see attract bugs, dirt, and bacteria. Once food or liquids have become embedded in carpet they can be very difficult to completely remove.

• Vacuum and vacuum often! Everyday or every other day if you can. Even if you rarely walk on the carpet, dust in the air constantly settles on the floor every day. The only way to keep the dust from settling in is to vacuum frequently.

• Attack any stains immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove and the longer it will last.

• When treating a stain, blot the excess to remove, don’t rub. Rubbing spots only spreads and deepens the stain which makes it more difficult and even impossible to thoroughly remove.

• To remove a stain, use the least harsh cleaners first. Harsh chemical stain removers can damage the carpet fibers, are impossible to completely remove and leave a sticky residue that can in turn attract more dirt to the area. Always keep club soda and vinegar on hand; they will be your best friends. A white vinegar and water solution is great for removing just about any kind of stain. For more difficult spots such as red wine, use club soda

• Never treat stains with heat such as hot water and don’t try to dry a stain with a hair dryer or iron. The heat can permanently seal in a stain.

• At least once or twice a year have a professional come in to deep clean all of the carpeting. With regular professional cleanings, you can prevent allergies and increases the air quality inside your home.  The experts at Ace Carpet Cleaning San Diego will ensure that your flooring is in the best condition possible.

If you can stick to all or at least most of these tips your carpet will stay looking new for years and help keep your family and pets healthy. Not to mention the money you will save on not needing to replace the carpet.

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