Our Ace Carpet Cleaning San Diego Services:

Carpet Cleanng in San Diego

Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Ace Carpet cleaning has a unique system of cleaning your carpets that is much more thorough and environmentally friendly that any of the competition.  With the beach, desert and other outdoor activities, carpet cleaning in San Diego is extremely important.  Your carpets will look great after we service your home or office and our prices are very fair with no hidden charges or add-ons.  We pride ourselves on being thorough, fast and efficient.

      • Superior Carpet Cleaning
        • With our years of experience and unique, environmentally friendly process your carpets will look better than new.
      • Green Carpet Cleaning
        • With this service our carpet cleaners use natural products to deliver a clean carpet without the harsh chemicals.
      • Upholstery Cleaning
        • We make sure that the upholstery looks as good as the carpets.
      • Strip and wax of tile or linoleum floors
      • Strip and seal of Grout Tile Floors
      • Concrete Floor Cleaning/Seal

Regardless of which of our carpet cleaning services you select, you will be enjoying clean floors if you hire Ace Carpet Cleaning.  We have dozens of carpet cleaning reviews and am proud to be one of San Diego’s premier green carpet cleaners.  Don’t take our word for it, below are some links to awesome reviews of Ace Clean Carpets;

If you have more to clean that is not carpeted, be sure to visit our site for Janitorial Service San Diego.  There we offer janitorial cleaning services for businesses that have floors other than carpet.  We offer the same quality and environmentally conscious approach with all our cleaning services.

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