Are Bathroom Carpets a Thing of the Past?

Are Bathroom Carpets a Thing of the Past?

A soft carpet to step on is comforting, but is it a practical investment for the bathroom? Not only
can the colour and pattern of the carpet enhance the appearance of a room, but the soft texture
of a carpet is particularly pleasant underfoot. There is often a lot of debate in family homes as to
whether carpet is right for the bathroom however; on one hand you have the inevitable fact that
water splashes and wet footprints will compromise the appearance of the carpet, and on the other
the fact that a cold floor is uncomfortable to stand on, and potentially hazardous when wet.

Keeping Carpet Clean

Carpeted bathrooms are great for many reasons, but need a little extra TLC when it comes to
maintaining the carpets quality and appearance; fortunately, this problem can be overcome by
adding just a few extras to your bathroom.

Absorptive bathroom mats are great for soaking up excess water and drying the soles of your feet
before you step onto the carpet, and many mates are available in a soft, washable texture, so no
need to worry about adding an ‘out of place’ rubber bathroom mat. Similarly, adding a protective
mat around the base of the toilet and sink can stop any wayward flushes and splashes from wetting
the carpet.

If your little ones are prone to dirty feet and like making a mess when outdoors, a simple pair
of ‘bath time slippers’ can ensure their feet never touch the carpet until they are sparkling clean!

Keeping a bathroom carpet clean and dry isn’t as hard as you may think, by adding protective mats
and ensuring all users take care when entering, you can enjoy a comfortable bathroom mat without
having to worry.

Hard Flooring

Alternatively, many people insist in having hard bathroom flooring such as laminate or lino. This
flooring is much simpler to clean and maintain, which would seemingly make it better suited to
bathrooms. Unfortunate spills and splashes can simply be wiped up and the cleaning process is as
simple as a quick ‘once over’ with a mop.

On the other hand, hard flooring is much more prone to hazards and can often lead to unfortunate
slips and injuries. To counteract this, install hand rails near the bath area to provide extra support
when stepping out of the bath, and put down rubber floor mats for extra grip when moving around
the room with wet feet.

Both carpeted and hard bathroom floors have their advantages and disadvantages, but both can be
combatedwith the inclusion of some thoughtful features.

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