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StatisticsAce Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews Ace Carpet Cleaning Company strives to provide you the customer with the most thorough carpet cleaning process on the market at an affordable cost.

With years of experience in carpet cleaning for commercial and residential customers we have developed a process that combines all the benefits of steam and dry chemical carpet cleaning. We discovered there are positive qualities about hot water extraction cleaning as well the chemical and quick drying methods. So why choose between steam cleaning or dry cleaning? Why not do both?

Ace Carpet Cleaning will extract the deep dirt hidden in your carpets and then will finish the job with our carpet bonnet system that removes all stains, dirt and residue while cutting the drying time in half.

We service all of San Diego, so call our friendly representatives today and schedule your carpets to be cleaned more thoroughly than ever before.

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"Ace Carpet Cleaning Company does the carpet cleaning in our church and they do an outstanding job. Not only do they do excellent work, it is a pleasure to do business with Rob, he will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are satisfied... Read more
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